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Ozone Shock Treatment & Odor Control

Ozone Shock Treatment, is a revolutionary odor elimination system that employs natural oxygen to eliminate Odors. Ozone can eradicate bad smells in your Home, Office, Car or RV. Weir Certified  offers Ozone Shock Treatment using UV Ozone Generators. A UV Ozone generator uses high voltage electricity to convert oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). The Ozone attacks odor causing bacteria, germs and viruses and simply converts back into Oxygen within a very short period of time. 

process of Ozone Shock treatment neutralizes & kills most odors including:

Cigarette Smoke in homes and vehicles

Animal Odors 

Cooking Odors

Fire & Flood Damage Odor

Athletic Equipment Smells

Bacteria and Viruses

Pesticide Residue

Crime scene Clean-up

 Please contact us for a quote regarding Ozone Shock Treatment

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